Our Restructuring Advisory Business


The team at Lotus provides investment advisory to real estate owners requiring loan restructuring and workout advisory with their existing lender.

The resulting impact of COVID-19 has started to create clashes between many borrowers and lenders on their existing financings, where discontent is growing between the fixed architecture of the loan documents and the harsh realities of today. Navigating the constantly shifting capital markets and uncertain economic climate is daunting, complex, and time consuming for any real estate owner. Our professional pedigree of being former lenders and loan structuring specialists provides us with the necessary market knowledge, structuring capabilities, and unmatched lending relationships needed to best advise our clients through their loan restructuring and workouts. Central to this tool-kit is an understanding of what makes lenders ‘tick’ including which set of circumstances and concessions best lands them to an amicable resolution.

At the same time, we embody our client’s needs and work closely with them to provide all the necessary advantages to help them achieve the best possible outcome in reaching their unique and desired objectives. Our confidence in finding optimal resolutions for our clients is borne of the belief that our reputation as trusted advisors, who understand and can navigate around both borrower and lender’s primal needs, is unassailable.



Former Lenders & Loan Structuring Specialists

Maintain Unmatched Lending Relationships

Understand What Makes Lenders “Tick”

Moral Authority & Market Credibility




  1. A rigorous analytical process and a deep respect for the numbers that combined together are used as a baseline to drive unparalleled advice
  2. We teach our team to adopt a principals mindset that safeguards our client’s interests at all times
  3. We provide an entrepreneurial approach to solutions that relies on innovating and customized thinking
  4. We take great pride in anticipating and averting the issues confronting our clients rather than simply resolving them after they materialize
  5. We are able to leverage the strength of our personal relationships with decision makers at key and niche market players to help our clients succeed in their business
  6. Our leadership is comprised of industry veterans who leverage the application of “real deal” experience adopted from successfully closing over $30 billion in deals