About Us

Our mission is to provide personal and professional service by holding ourselves accountable and committing to our core values of exceptional service, building relationships, transparency, and trust.


Headquartered in the international/financial capital of the world, New York City, the firm utilizes its global network to stay on the cutting edge of innovation in real estate capital markets and all related industries. Jafri Capital acts locally with a global vision.


Jafri Capital portrays a vision of real estate intermediary intelligence. The firm takes pride in acting as a trusted commercial real estate intermediary and understands the global vision for the next generation of commercial real estate capital markets. Jafri Capital invests in its people to provide the best service.


Jafri Capital is building a real estate brand for the next generations to come. We deeply appreciate our client’s real estate capital needs and are dedicated to providing the best personal service. The firm dedicates a significant amount of personal time and effort to fundamental and technical analysis.


Jafri Capital aims to embody the next generation of real estate capital markets. Jafri Capital works to educate its capital relationships, represented sponsors, and communities across the globe through social media, internet communication, and innovative future oriented real estate conferences.


Jafri Capital maintains Core Values in all functions relating to:

  1. Maintaining relationships with Commercial Real Estate Developers/Firms
  2. Maintaining relationships with Commercial Real Estate Equity & Debt Capital Sources
  3. Originating Equity and Debt Commercial Real Estate Deals from selected Sponsors
  4. Arranging Equity and Debt Capital through capital relationships for deals from selected sponsors